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I can only recommend what I personally driven on. Right now I have a Good Year ultra grip in 205/50/17 and I actually like them alright , they offer a good amount of traction even in deep snow.

I had Pirelli 210 SnowSport and they were COMPLETE garbage, I couldnt drive anywhere with my old little 180hp BMW . Stay away from those.

Best experience I had with a set of michelin alpin tires (same size) and I would definitely buy them again if I dont find a better tire
you maybe need to get with the times.

Goodyear Ultragrip - well, pretty much Goodyear's whole line of winter tires is called Ultragrip. There is more than one. Just like Blizzak. it's just an umbrella name for all bridgestone's winter tires.

Pirelli Snowsport - they don't make it any more. discontinued for a while.

Michelin Alpin - they are already on Michelin Alpin PA3...
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