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Whatever, the show must go on, right?

Started on switching that door. I was hoping that Richard could give me a hand, but he had to leave. Luckily he gave me a good tip on how to support the door while by myself. So I tore into it.

Old junky door. It actually isn't that bad rustwise, it just has a ton of bondo.

Took it apart, and cleaned the new one.

Managed to bolt it on the car and lined it up. Hey John, it looks kinda like the colour of your car

Got the windows and stuff lined up and installed. It wasn't all that bad to put together, pretty good system.

Mounted the mirror base


Did the other side too

Fixed the leaking water port, and tapped the housing to put the pressure sensor in for the new idiot light on the dash.

Works minty! (amber light)

Now I know I said it should be running by now, but I'll definitely have it running tomorrow! All I have to do literally is put gas in, tighten the starter wires, and put the cap back on. Hopefully I'll have better luck tomorrow!

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