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thanks for the kind words i realize shes not perfect but im very inspired by it right now. So many possibilities. there are so many sweet e30 builds out there with so many different setups. However i dont want to swap any non bmw engines as thats the reason i bought this car was for the solid I6 bmw built its reputation on. Nothing against the guys swapping srt20 or anythings else very cool and a koodos to them but not my cup of tea. I definately see a swap in its future but there are so many m52s m50's etc i want something a little more uniquie. I have a connection to a high end auto salvager who just happens to currently have 3 s54's complete with trannys and computers (2 6speed and 1 smg) so that is something im strongly considering. but still investigating what kinda engine management people are running on this kinda setup (as i dont want to waste anytime with factory dme wiring) and any problem areas involved with this swap.

Any ideas are appreciated, still very easily influenced right now not sure which direction i want to take it (leaning towards n/a though)
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