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Originally Posted by drivetolive View Post
I believe so (I had a T2i, unless there was another dude with a rebel?). Trevor right? Those are some sweet shots, would love to get some advice/tips on improving my photography.
Ahh yes, T2i sorry. Yup that was me. I'm no expert but if you come out to the next event i'll show you what mode/settings I use.

Originally Posted by DIY View Post
yah the pics rock! If you guys can, I'ed love the ones of my white e30, could you upload em to mega upload or somewhere I could download em from?
Did you have a look at the photo album? I believe I have a few in there.

Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post
Any pics of the CTS doing a cadilean?
There should be atleast a few in the album I linked to at the bottom of my blog post.

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