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Best Winter tires for 07- 335i

So I asking around these are some options i am looking at

Any advice on these winter tire choices? I drive alot on the highway..
and dont have xdrive so i'd rather not skid into any rigs or guardrails....

the winters i had last year were pretty worn so i'm shopping around and need tires that will keep me safe without breaking my wallet..

The following are quotes from my mod/tire dealer:


Tempra WinterQuest HIV $740
Continental ExtremeWinterContact Win $1020
General Altimax Arctic WIN $950
Falken HS-439 $880
Maxtrek / Sonny WOT18 WIN $630
Hankook W300 Icebear 94V $820
Barum Polaris 3 (Continental) $720
Dunlop Graspic DS3 $990

Optional Size: 20550R17

An optional size 205/50R17 may possibly work as well:

Continental Extreme Winter Contact : $890
General Arctic Altimax $830
Falken HS-439 Eurowinter $870
Hankook W300 Icebear $760

Any advice or comments appreciated
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