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Red face bought myself an e30

well ive been shopping for a winter car not really looking at bmws but i stubled accross a nice 1990 325i coupe for $500. The guy was a very helpful older gentleman that has owned bmws all his life. The car is showing signs of age but for the year price it was to be expected. Its an auto unfortunately (wife wouldn't let me get a manual) its got 250,000 on the motor which runs great passed etest with flying coulors this past spring. Will need a bit of paint reapir as the surface rust is getting bad, but there is no major rot. will need 1 fender and a hood latch cable but it has been undersprayed so the rockers are solid as well as lifts point/floors, strut towers and trunk/battery tray are all good. Conveniently my bother has enough white paint left over from a previous project to re paint the entire car so will look nice and fresh before winter hits (dont want rust spreading nemore) interior is in good shape minus the destroyed drivers seat cushion. after pre safety will only need fender and brakes to pass

So my original plan was to just get a winter beater and drive it but i have fallen in love with this car so maybe it will see some more attention in spring anyways let me know what you guys think and go easy on her

will post more pics when i get her cleaned up
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