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usually, this is a motor mount issue. Get your friend to put the car in 1st gear with the clutch in. Stand on the break -make sure you also have a wheels chalked for safety under the front wheel. See if the motor moves DRASTICALLY when he's on the gas and backs off. If the motor rocks back and forth then you have a bad mount(s).

wheel bearings usually droan under load when turning.

Strut bearings usually clunk similar to CAB and can make noise while driving over bumps.

Trailing arm bushing don't clunk - they usually make the car unstable in the rear when driving aggressively changing lanes or cornering - giving a stepping out feeling of the back end. if anything it would be the rear sub frame bushings. This would also cause a clunking sound again when off and on the gas-under load.

check guibo as suggested and transmission mounts as well and "maybe" a bad u-joint but that would need to be pretty severe.

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