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Originally Posted by Blades View Post
Another thing to add which I havent noticed anyone else put in here about the boxer is that for any little work you need to drop the engine to work on it because of where its located (Mid sitting engine) and the amount of space.

I think someone told me that you need to drop the engine just to change the oil filter but I could be wrong.

As for the Z4 I haven't heard any complaints .. But not many people own them on here .. hence why I never really see them at bimmercruise
Yup - My brother in law was telling me that too - so one of the reasons why I will most likely (unless some CRAZY deal comes my way) stay away from the Porsche.

I too haven't been seeing much negative comments about the Z4 except for the convertible motor and the power steering (alot of BMW's have that issue). Apart from that, it's been fairly solid it looks like.

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