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97 328i - Installing skirts + Hooking up 6 CD changers

My first problem - my OEM skirt is coming off because the plastic clips snapped. There are a few that weren't snapped. I tried to push the skirt into the clip (while both were still attached to car) which yielded only in snapping the clip.

So now, I wonder - what is the order of putting the skirt on the car? Do you put the clips on the skirt and then shove the clip's end into the green grommet mounted on the rocker? Or do you do mount the clip first and then attempt pitifully to shove the skirt into the clip ( this was what I did and I failed at it ).

Secondly, the previous owner of the car installed a decent alpine deck into the car. Unfortunately, it doesn't link up with the 6 CD changer. Does anyone know what I need to do to get the 6 CD changer to operate?
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