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Originally Posted by 325isdan View Post
So you talk the talk but what are you doing to walk the walk?
my talk is the anaylzation and articulation of the situation and my walk is voicing it? what do you want me to do? Like I said I just want to live in a this or that society, clear cut one.

Perhaps let me simplify my point with a hypothetical society.....say a society is racist I would like for it to know it and admit it to themselves rather than finding other justifications....this however is rare....most will ignore the issue and accept it without ever giving it any thought even of whether that societies constitution and such declaration of a liberal democracy is in tune with societies racism. Actually this isn't hypothetical, this would fit America's racism of last century. I am sure many Americans back then did not see them as racists or were racist....but I am also sure that they did not disagree with societies belief that blacks are generally bad.

So again all I can do is take a stance based on my reasoning, and in this case also the evidence, namely police brutality vids. Now one majority belief is that being an officer is hard work, and indeed many of us can empathize with the PDs and when an officer oversteps their lawful boundary then you see many people agree and say " I would of done the same thing". However, those who say along those lines forget that being an officer you have to treat yourself and be morally superior because you are in a position of power. Thus tasering some smart mouth kid or tackling a guy harder than necessary is self demeaning to someone who should be morally and ethically a protector of a community.

It would be like our PM at the UN dealing with some other countries eccentric leaders attacks (verbal) and suddenly our PM would lash out and hit him. Yeah I am sure WE would of all done the same.....

SO, where do we find these plentiful people that, in my opinion of course, need to have higher morals and ethics? It does not matter because either way, in any scenario every PD will have bad apples, so my disappointment and anger is the way these officers that have clearly overstepped their boundary and committed get off scot free. I am assuming if you are reading this then you have seen the above footage of what I am talking about.

I just realized that your comment is more of a personal question, What does what I do in real life have any impact of what I say? My reasoning and evidence is on this thread but I suppose you would only settle if I personally videotaped the incidences? or was a victim in one of the vids? Like why ask such a cliche question "you talk the talk but do you walk the walk"....I am not even calling for any action to be done, at most I am telling you to feel my disappoint and frustration which comes from my ethics which includes social solidarity for any human being, much less fellow Canadian. If you can even watch, just these above vids, and not feel any frustration and anger on the part of the citizens then this is whole other issue for you.
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