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Bmw E36 M3 Bumper- Where to buy?

I love the look of the E36 with a M3 bumper. Being in Canada, shipping these bumpers can be crazy expensive. I wanted to know Where you guys got your bumpers or could suggest a place that sells some. I've done my research and this is what I have so far. I'm looking for an M3 bumper that doesn't have to be OEM but has good fitment and great value.

They have the bumper for sale and I've heard relatively good things about it but they won't ship it to Canada. I tried to have it shipped to UPS store in Ogdensburg NY but they won't allow the transaction as the shipping info does not match my Credit card Info. + they are on back order till the 23 of September (Should have some soon i guess)

2-Bav Auto
Clearly good quality but Might need to sell my kidney for one

Looks like nearly the same has the DDM one but they will ship to Canada but I put the shipping for Canada an it come up 1000$ for shipping. Its says to call tho.

4-Random Ebay seller
They seem sorta generic and i'm not sure what to expect on quality or fitment. Prices are okay tho.

5-Group buy
If anyone here has the same problem and wants to do a group buy to save on shipping and save a few dollars, let me know.

If anyone has other options locally or a place willing to ship here in Canada (Ottawa) please let me know as i've ran into many dead ends.
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