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Since I have a similar question to the OP, I decided there is not need to start a new thread. So I am hoping to get help as we continue this discussion

So I am in the market for my first car, and for years I've wanted a BMW. Ideally, I am leaning toward a 2001-2003 5-Series. Nothing fancy, so no 545i for me, just a 525i, or 530i would be fine. But it looks like the 5-Series is a bit of a stretch for a single guy buying his first car, and since I am not tall the 3-Series seems to be a much more suitable choice for me. So I am looking for a 2002-2005 3-Series. I am leaning toward the 325i as I think the power and fuel consumption is just in the middle, and that's just perfect for me.

1) Generally speaking, how much more expensive fixing a 3-Series is in comparison to say a Toyota Camry (Say 2003 325i vs 2003 Camry).

2) How much a year am I expected to spend on a clean/low mileage (below or around 100k) 325i? I understand cars in generals are expensive to to maintain, and a BMW even much more so. But I am willing to spend some money to buy a car I am passionate about--I would say $1,500 and below a year is not bad, in my opinion. But I don't want to spend a thousand every few months, if you know what I mean.

3) How much more expensive it is to maintain a 5-Series vs 3-Series (years and models I mentioned above).

4) I read many prefer the 330i over the 325i because of the extra hp. I am not into racing, or even driving fast, so do you think I will still appreciate the 330i over the 325i? I mean, is it that much of a difference?

Thanks, and I am looking forward to your feedback
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