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Got a few hours in today:

Started with the front end, took the hood off and removed intake piping, radiator, cooling lines, harness attachments, dme, etc

All that is left now are the fuel lines and filter, as well as the charcoal(?) canister that mounts right next to the fuel filter on the drivers side under the intake manifold

There's also still two bolts on the bellhousing: the top one and the starter (with nut)

Old rad and some random crap I pulled off for now for space

Also started tinkering with the IE sway bar

I'm confused again on what to do with these reinforcement plates, I can't see how or where they will fit

I haven't seen this style end link in any of my searching, most of them have another joint at the bottom looks almost mirror of the top

Either way, I mounted one on one of the new control arms and it looks to fit well. I assume this is how it's supposed to go

Next up is to get that cherry picker in here

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