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Originally Posted by 411 View Post
Nice the way I've got a friend that has a "rare" hi performance engine for that car

Originally Posted by tonyhavana View Post
First off, don't look at it as a 'rusty' trunk-lid, look at it as a 'lightened' trunk-lid.
I vote you keep it the way it is, that little bit of patina and history should be saved and cherished.
LOL. Trust me man, it didn't look like much history when I got it, as it was pretty rusty, even on the outside... I bet anyone would have chucked it out... I saw it as an opportunity to weld the trim holes shut and just hit it with a bit of spray paint so it didn't get any worse. It was more brown than white before!!

Anyways. So lots of progress this week, although I won't be able to make it for my track day this coming Monday. I am pretty close though, so I may be able to shake it down maybe in a week from now if I can find a cheap lapping day at Mosport's DDT.

First thing I did was pitch the lighter and install a starter button.

Working on the switch panel. Used a bunch of E30 breaker switches

Got a key for my kill switch!


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