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Originally Posted by The Twin View Post
Denny saw you blasting down the 174 last weekend...(I can spot e30's from miles away)
definately sounded like you had the charger on...sounded goooooooooood.
lol really thanks man...the charger is not on yet but the car sure sounds good with my exhaust and headers new bimmers dont sounds like this anymore. What am doing now is tuning it in N/A mode and am impressed on how much power I seem to be adding to it just with tuning....cant wait to get the charger finished and installed but still have lots of work ahead

hey you coming over sunday? I started polishing the car and will be trowing a coat of wax on it to get her perty...and ready for pictures.

Originally Posted by HavocSteve View Post
Alright, I'll let Mariana know. What time works for you? You know me and Mariana are good to come over! Not to mention make a mess of the place I also have various knowledge when it comes to selling homes, my uncle is a realtor (doesn't sell houses for under 500k) and I've been victim of my parents buying and selling at least 4 times.
You and your girl are coming over sunday? afternoon is good bring your real estate ass down

Jay you coming....been wanting to see that 4 door beast a long time now...

Damn I had found the perfect vert 2 days before I go to pick it up the dad crashes the car... I had my bus ticket on hand and everything... ah was not meant to be I guess..
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