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Originally Posted by Young Gun View Post
OPP blocked me off before I got to turn left . The conversation went something like this....

OPP: "Boy am I glad I found you Guys!"

Me: "....... Who me?"

OPP: "We've had some called in complaints about you guys tearing it up!"

Me: "..."

OPP: "Are you in charge of this thing?"

Me: "Nope, just trying not to get lost..."

OPP: "Where you guys going?"

Me: "No clue I think we are officially lost now..."

OPP: "You guys really gotta slow down!"

Me: "..."

* Interupted by cars honking in the background *

OPP reverses and takes off the direction we were going so I had to keep a mellow 80 for a while.
LOOOOL @ "..."

Reading this thread makes me feel very nostalgic

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