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Yes, the Turbo's have a different engine, they've been more reliable.

The IMS (intermediate shaft) is what evetually gives you the "shaft" and pooches your engine.

I think I've decided to go clown shoe on this one... Jeremy - I'd LOVE to go M - I test drove a 2007 Z4M with 17k KM's on it a couple of days ago - loved it, but this price was too much - $44K. I'm trying to stay $25K range, which my brother in law (owns a used car dealership) says is doable for a 2007 Z4 with 50-75k KM's.

He's going to see over the winter if anything comes up at auction, as it may go cheaper during that time.

Apparently not alot of manual's out there. Plus my desire is to get Alpine White with the Imola Red interior - HAWT!!! Don't know if we'll find one like that...

Fingers crossed that I'll be driving roofless next summer!

Any Z4 owners know of any common problems?

2007 Z4 3.0si
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