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Originally Posted by JJJames View Post
Porsche builds cars to last, and more than that, are built to be thrashed, regularly, and soldier on. (Just make sure you don't miss a service - then all bets are off).

Either choice would be fine I'm sure, but if it were my money, I'd be heading straight to Porsche.
Oh boy... I just read that the 997's are having engine problems as well.
It's quite known that the 996's have engine failures. If you're getting a used one, I'd say you'd almost want one that had it's engine replaced under warranty....

A owner of a car dealership I was talking to.. about my issues... he's had many porsche's. Currently has 3. The 911 Turbo, he's had since new. The 911 Targa, and the 4S, costs him a lot more money, once they reach 90K or so...

Warned me... not everyone has $8-10K every year to spend on stupid repairs.... he doesn't care... but be warned he said.....

Still loves the car.... but... they are not cheap to maintain when things go wrong.
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