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I was in the same boat, and got a 996 Porsche 911 4S - One owner car from Paff Porsche.

Apart from the Rear Main Seal problem, then have a bearing problem as well.
It's a design flaw, which causes the engine to go boom... without notice. The older Porsche's are better in this regard, except for the crazy amount of oil leaks. The bearing design flaw, should have been a recall.

They also eat clutches. When you do a clutch job, they recommend to change the fly wheel as well. $4K or so for the job. Been there, done that....

You'll see a lot of 911's with New Engines under warranty, when you are looking (if disclosed). This is probably because of the bearing problem or the rear main seal.

I actually witnessed a newer 996 let got its magic smoke. Older gentlemen driving, so probably one owner and driven carefully.

... pretty disappointing.

Sent mine through the Auction.

I hate to say it, but a BMW Z4 is probably a better choice. More least more manageable repair bills. My Cats on the 911 went, both of them... $3K... lucky to find a used ones (fairly new) for $1200.00
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