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Originally Posted by noodles101 View Post
omg me and the 525 guy followed u by accident ...ended up killing it doing 180 for good half an hour on the high way to catch up wit the guys who TOOK 400 north when they were suppose to...LOL
Haha I know I saw you 2 tailing and we were like oh noes! Poor guys are trying to chase a 1M that is totally going the wrong way. Well at least you figured it out and didn't come all the way to my house LOL.

Originally Posted by Young Gun View Post
I was in the black coupe in front of you before the onramp to 400 n/b, I saw you give it and I coulda sworn I saw you swerve a little towards the ramp lol
I did I told my girlie we were skipping the family jam and just f*&ing going when I saw the ramp. I was so pissed.
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