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Originally Posted by defaultName View Post
Don't bother asking anyone on this website for help! Nobody here is helpful at all and they only want to make smart ass comments and pick on people with less knowledge and experience!

Here is a website where you can ask some really kind and always respectful E30 guys...

I'm sure they will be more then happy to help. Good luck...
You`re right...and you`re wrong too! NOT everyone is like that on here and NOT everyone is helpful on R3v either.

Generally, a smart ass statement with lack of respect and snot nosed attitude will get you a smart ass answer. I am not defending anyone in particular here but there is good and bad in every bunch. all depends on how you decide to portray yourself and approach the situation. this could definitely result in how one gets treated. And perhaps the one requesting may want to examine how they want to be treated.

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