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Originally Posted by MaxBell View Post
Wow this is looking great dude!
Thanks man! I really need the encouragement its easy to hit walls in a big project like this!

So not much of an update, just some off-car stuff:

Got some parts from Turner, including my chip

Installed on the 413:

Also got some THR parts, including swap adapter, CABs, and OBD1 sensors

As well as scrapyard m50 manifold and fuel rail

Just arrived today: UUC stage 2 lightweight flywheel, which uses the m5 clutch/pressure plate

Lightly used for a great price off a member on r3v

Hoping to get some work done on the weekend, even though I won't have much time -- I need to reorganize my work space pretty badly too, and im working on getting a hold of an engine crane from my cousin as well

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