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Originally Posted by tonyhavana View Post
Looking good there Rudy, hope to see it soon.
Is that the trunklid from one of the original Beach racers? If it is, you should leave it the way it is for it's historic significance. And as for the black latches, ask Smitty, maybe he'd trade for you for the chrome ones.
Yes, it is a trunk from one of the Beach cars. Awhile back, I tried to trace the origins of it, but nobody could really tell me for sure until I talked to Randy T. about it this summer. He got a quick answer from Rolf that 290 was white at one point, and this is the trunklid from it. You can see the orange underneath the peeling paint. Unfortunately, it is in pretty bad shape. It looks good in pics, but it will definitely need some rust repair soon. I will have to paint it whether I want to or not. I did think of continuing the colour scheme, I might still do that if somebody might happen to dig up some pics of the 'white' 290 (from all the research, I have tons of pics of the 'orange' 190 and 290. One day I'd love to build a replica of the #190 )

Originally Posted by Smitty View Post
Yeah, I'll trade for chrome ones!

I also LOVE that trunklid. Giving me ideas for some faux-period vinyl next season (never thought I'd write that sentence!).
I'm down for a trade, but I am not sure if you would be happy with the condition of these, as they definitely aren't perfect. You should take a look one day then you see the car in person.

Started to get cracking on the wiring this evening... finally. My dad is pretty much holding my hand with this one, because I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. Just looking at a pile of wires frustrates me.

Plugged the rear harness into the taillights, and ran it up to the front. From there, we cut off a lot.

We cut off pretty much a good half of the jazz that runs inside the car. And yes, that's my roll cage piping on the floor that hasn't moved at all

The original front harness was missing some stuff, and had a few connections that looked a bit fried. So that will be binned.

Tada! Another front harness became a victim to the cause. I did the same, plugged into the headlights, and ran it to see what to chop off... I'm halfway done chopping this one up.

Oddball stuff I may keep on the left, garbage pile on the right.


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