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Originally Posted by Ceeker View Post
that is unnecessary; it takes more work to do that then to just take the rivets out of the rebar and remove the bumper shell. :-) once it's off it is easy to push the tabs through to take off the trim.

to do perfect masking you should get beneath the line of where you are painting over. That way when you remove the tape there won't be any overspray.
Yes. I'm particulary bad at anything involving force..just removing the rebar is much easier and simple job..I struggled even when pushing first 2 tabs

I'm so used to building scale models..never worked on my car before..and I have to say I'm going to quit building models. Working on 1:1 scale feels much better.

Originally Posted by daveed View Post
Nice job dude! I knew it would look awesome! Car looks perfect now IMO, maybe just needs a tiny bit of low
I really wanna lower the front just about an inch..but well, before that I wanna get IS lip, independent fogs, heated cloth sport seats, mayyybe a/c from us 318i for next summer, list doesn't seem to end! lol
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