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please shed some light on the E46

I need a new car and I'm considering an E46. It will be an all season ride. That being said, I think I would prefer an xi but not hell bent on it. I don't want anything below a 325. I have a bunch of questions so I'll ask a few here and other than that I just want to gather some general opinions/advice before I go shopping. Are there any years/models known to be problematic that I should stay away from? what's up with the facelift? did that only happen on 325's?..(personally I think the 01's looked better with the headlights that look like the M3's) Is there a year when they received significant upgrades I should take into consideration? and is everything interchangeable/retrofittable among all e46 model years such as the led tail lights etc ?

Any and all thoughts appreciated.
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