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Originally Posted by blakneto View Post
Thanks Lads!
I know the BMW route is "pocket burner".
I've also heard having about $2000 on hand usually covers your for MOST stuff... unless you smash the car up! :p

Thanks for the awesome advice... I'll stick to my guns and pay out of pocket!

PS: I assume 3rd party is the same too?
$2000 is not going to cover all of the repairs you'll have on a E46. There are a lot of stupid things that go wrong with these cars.

But, the extended warranty in general is a waste of money because of the following easons.

A) You need to pay the first $50.00 per visit. The deductable varies slightly

B) You have to determine if it's warranty work to get covered. So, you'd have to pay Shop rates to find the problem, and then see if it is covered.

C) What does it cover.

BMW Certified Series Warranty is pretty good. The deductable thing is a pain.

If you can get the third party at "cost", it's worth it. If it's "retail"... the warranty company is making a lot of money off it.

The engine on these cars are not going to blow. If you have an auto, then consider it.
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