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Originally Posted by DIY View Post
This looks beautifuL!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Where did you get your guages from? I've been looking for some nice guages, how much did you pay?
Thanks! Gauges I already got with the first 2002 I had, which became the parts donor. You can get the gauges cheap from Jegs or Summit Racing, but they won't be metric.

So today I did a couple odds and ends when I had the time. I got a few of the missing items I needed... Still looking for interior panels though.

Gas cap mounted up. Sitting pretty all shiney:

Starting to glue the trunk seal on

Painted the hinges and put the trunk on. Cheap paint, I think I might have to redo these another time. Sigh.

Fit the trunk on... So far so good... Don't worry about that paint on the trunk, it will be painted over soon

But the right side seems to be too far in? Or maybe the car is slightly bent?

The hell with it! Its a track car, probably going to get dinged up again soon.

Mounted the kill switch on the dash support. It will pop out under the dash when it is done. Made a huge hole in the dash support so there is less chance of wires getting near the body, and also for accessibility too.


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