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Random brake pressure release/jerk/lurch and *CLICK sound

Hi guys... here are the symptoms:

1. (New problem - post-mod) There's a forward lurch/jerk RIGHT before the car comes to a stop (around 5km/h) and it feels like it loses brake pressure for a split second. This only happens randomly.. not something that happens all the time.

2. (Old problem - pre-mod) There has always been this sharp metallic CLICK/TICK sound whenever I let off gas in 1st gear.. and during changes in elevation.. feels like there is loose metal somewhere that is hitting against something during momentum changes.. sounds like it is coming from the underside near the rear of the car..
(..put car in first.. let off clutch.. gas.. let off gas *click during forward momentum change) or (going up hill and *click as it descends and the momentum shifts upwards)

Mods (for the FIRST issue only..)
New brakes all around
New rims/tires
K&N drop in
Cyba Scoops

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