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Garrett GT35r .82 T3 new unused $1100

From my turbo project, might be upgrading before I even get to use it. Got a lead on a great deal on a 4094 and I'm tempted to make the switch. So if I can sell my turbo for the right money, I'll do it.

It was brand new in box, I tossed the box to take it across the border. Located in the GTA. All I did to it was to tape up the inlet/outlet of the compressor, and oil/water holes. It has sat untouched while my motor is being built.

The price is fairly firm since the transaction only makes sense if I can reasonably offset the cost of the replacement snail. I would consider doing 1100 shipped depending on where to. But make a ballpark offer, you never know.

Manifold is for a M5x swapped E30, can be included for extra $ since I either need a T4 manifold or modify this one for T4.

Shiny new.

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