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Installed (placed temporarily) some stuff in the car to motivate me this week. Set the dash back in, as well as the seat, and installed some random shift lever I found in the shop along with the old shift knob I took off my E46. Good enough for temporary stuff. The shifter linkage actually feels pretty good, not as sloppy as I thought it would be with all used, mixmatched junk.

I also drilled a few holes and mounted the ecu and the idle control box inside the car. Still have to tie up the wires so its tidy.

My buddy Steve came over today to show off 'v2.0' of the SR20 swapped E30, and that motivated me even more hearing a turbocharged 4cyl... He gave me a few pointers too for wiring, since I'm pretty noob at that stuff... Hopefully I can make some more progress this week.

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