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Originally Posted by blakneto View Post
WOW! 2000BMW323i... you are just feeding the flames...
20 = KID
Saying, "really how the f is this off topic or inflammatory really i have probly owned more cars then u have every had and made more money then u every had so how am i a kid"

Dude... now you are embarassing yourself...
you just said you liked STICKERS and wanted to save $$$ by "advertising" on your car...

Don't be braggin about money, unless you can back it up. And OBVIOUSLY you can't.

Know when to quit and move on...
You'll learn that when you get older! :p

I don't usually get involved in too many posts, however, 2000BMW323i, you are a kid...and you will grow up one day and see/realize/wake up that stickers are not cool and people who load their cars up with stickers get made fun of...
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