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Originally Posted by misschigga View Post
Oh sweet Georgia

Originally Posted by MrRWD View Post
I like your build. I've been following it for a while.

Question: The interior, did you use tremclad white paint in spray car, roll it with a thinned out version, or did you bust out a real spray gun?

Have you considered this product (mostly available in the states at Walmart and Autozone.

Yup, all rollered on tremclad. Took a few coats, but it covered eventually.

I was actually in NY for most of last week and the weekend, and by coincidence got to check out walmarts auto section which had a pretty good selection of stuff! I don't recall our Cdn stores being this good (its been awhile, I don't normally shop at walmart)... but yeah, if I would have had access to that, I probably would have considered it... Thanks for posting it though, definitely gives something to think about for the next project

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