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Volunteer positions for BMWCCA Trillium events

There is always a great need for volunteers to assist with Trillium club events. This thread will serve as an ongoing notice of open volunteer positions for each event. As everyone can post in this thread I would ask that only Trillium board members, or at the request of, post the positions. This should serve to keep the thread clean and organized.

If you wish to volunteer for a position please reply with which position you would like to fill. You then will receive a PM as a followup for your name/number and details. When the position is filled the list will be revised. If you just wish to volunteer for a non-specific position please post as "General Volunteer" and we will fit you in best we can.

Volunteering is a great way for many to earn volunteer hours if you have a requirement to fill for high school/jail/Collage/Uni. We feed our volunteers lunch from the world renowned Mosport Cafe. It's a great way to meet and network with other members, see some cool cars, get out on the big track (Parade laps/ride along, bring your helmet!). Not only that volunteering is a great activity to list on your resume. What better way to connect to your future boss than trading track stories.

Need I say any more?
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