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update sept6/11

Made some progress this long weekend and I think after working on the car and falling for it again.... it's most likely off the market.

Anyways, fixed the rust spot as identified in last post and rocker guarded the rear valance, painted my exhuast flat black, picked up manual window parts and door shadow line (is that what it's called) from ACPperformance (Alex), blacked out my kidney's and fixed a few chips in the paint.

Hopefully I'll be able to get the white bumpers and lip (thanks 411) on this week.

I'm also fabbing up a new bracket for the front windows as the glass is different between the auto and manual windows. I've fabbed up the back which works 100% and will hopefully get around to the front tonight.

I'm also thinking of sandblasting and powder coating the bottle caps, either beige to match my interior, black, or deep red...
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