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Hood Dent Removal + Repaint

Hey guys. I have a dent on my hood that looks like it was done by a pick, lightly. By lightly, I mean there does not appear to be broken metal anywhere and the dent is very round (no creases). I can tell that touch up paint was used at the point of impact (center of crate) so I think it was something sharp.

The car also has some more paint damage at the front of the hood... and someone has attempted to repaint some of the front areas (stone chips?) shoddily.

Essentially, all damage lies in the front most third of the hood.

I was wondering how much I can expect to pay if I were to get the hood repainted and getting the dent removed. To be honest, this car is not a looker due to its age and careless previous owners but I want the hood to at least look half decent.

Do you think it'd be a reasonable request for me to ask a painter to feather away half the paint, fix the dent (which is about 1'' in diameter) and repaint the car? I would expect a close colour match ...but more importantly, I want the surface to have a uniform finish.
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