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Rebuilding engine. Interested in some serious opinions with experience.

I am about to go balls deep into a major project. I have decided to make my 90' 325 into a streetable track sort of car. This means some boost is in order. I won't get into what my build is here as I am just looking to see if people have had experience with getting their motor rebuilt. I have decided against doing the motor rebuilt myself. I have a fairly decent budget for all this so I am fully ready to put down the money necessary for this to all be done properly.

I will have the motor out. So basically I want to bring just a complete motor with head to a shop and have it built. I do not plan on doing any real aftermarket upgrades to the motor itself. However I would like to have the block O'ringed and possibly have the coolant channels in the aluminum head welded as they are prone to crack. My motor is all original and untouched (250 000km, bought it with 75 000 on it ). So the motor needs to be completely gone through and anything not right needs to be made right.

I know the forum favorites are RPM, and Bimmersport (not sure if bimmer offers full rebuilds).

-Has anyone had their motors rebuilt, or have had any of the extra work I stated done by either of those shops?
-Has anyone had this work done by other shops in the area?
-What quality and care can I expect from any of these shops?

I would like this work to be done by someone that has done it all before and is very familiar with it (as I said earlier I am not afraid to spend $ in this area)

Any opinions or experiences or any comments welcome
And if there is any unclear information comment as well

Thanks for any help.
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