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'car on hoist' service light--Help

Car is 2006 325i.
I am having trouble getting rid of the warning lights- (red circle with explanation point) and the Red 'car on hoist' light.

According to everything I've read so far, this combination of lights means the front or rear brake sensor indicates worn out pads..

I replaced the pads, and the sensors.

I followed the instructions on utube to reset the service reminders, But the car on hoist light still comes on every time I start the car.

I went into the service reset mode (holding in the button stalk on the gauge cluster). The red rear brake indicator came up, and I reset it (holding the reset button in).

What am I missing??

I am sure I am doing something wrong with the reset procedure.
Just for kicks, I tried to reset all the service warnings on a Different car, (another 2006 325i). The spark plugs, filters, brake pads etc etc all seemed to reset ok..... and now the car on hoist/Ebrake light comes on!!

Please tell me how to get rid of these warning indicators.

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