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Question Gears "click" on 2009 e91

I just picked up a CPO 2009 BMW 328 IX Touring from BMW Toronto. I was extremely happy to get it with the manual 6 speed, but I do have one issue with it. It may be hard to describe, but it almost feels like it "clicks" when it goes into gear. It's not audible, but more how it feels, almost like it a really big bendie straw. It's like as you move past the center point, it sort of grabs and then clicks before it gets fully into the gate and only once per gear change, not repeated clicks. Seems a bit harder in 2nd and 4th than 1st and 3rd, 5th and 6th seem fine but it may be my imagination. I don't have another e90 to compare it to for me to say if this is typical or not. I had a 2001 e46 330CI and it didn't behave like this, nor any other manual I have owned. Before I picked it up, I made sure BMW looked at it and they said nothing was wrong. The car still has a bit of factory warranty on it, so I could push for it to be "fixed", but I'm not even sure I have a problem. The car only has 23,000 KM on it, so it's quite new. The only reason I even felt comfortable buying it was the low KM and the CPO covers the transmission up to 160K and that I absolutely love everything else about the car.

Is this normal for a e91?
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