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Originally Posted by noodles101 View Post
what about E36s~!!! ... same problem with E36s as well
u can try and state a claim but I highly doubt it. if it ain't in the nationwide agenda you're sol. sorry..Perhaps the very late model years had this but not enough to generate a recall. I'm sure if BMW could get away with not having this they would. But due to MTO/DMV they would get roasted with heavy fines due to the nature. Someone obviously blew the lid off this case in order to generate such publicity. they also don't need the negative press. BMW is not keen on recalls unless someone has blown the whistle. There is usually lengthy investigation before the come out with such an announcement. I know when I worked for a dealer the e46 M3 cars were having knocking engines at 10-20k. At first they thought it was neglect so the customers engine would sit in the bay of the shop for weeks. Finally new motors arrived for a few customers and the old engines were recrated and sent back to head office for inspection. After this they found out it was a faulty oil delivery system and made a batch of new oil pumps and called everyone back in with their M3's to get them changed before they had to swallow engine replacements. Cheaper to change pumps then replace engine. so it saved them tonnes of money.

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