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Originally Posted by Vrbovsky View Post
The m52 has about 400km on it so I'm not going to bother modding it.
You'd be very surprised by these motors. I'm creeping up on 350,000km on my M52, all I've had to change is a power steering pump, aside from regular maintenance items. Doesn't burn a drop of oil in between changes and pulls like an S52!

Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
It's not only about the badge, you said yourself you want to put M3 bumpers, M3 interior and some of the mods you are doing the M3 already has (ie bigger brakes)

But for the price you paid, you can't really argue.
This is true. I changed every part on my 328 to M3 minus the motor. Just made up for that with mods. In the end, yes I should of just picked up an M3. But in the end, if I didn't modify the car the way I did, I'd know nothing about it

Originally Posted by sb_600 View Post
another suggestion to save some coin:

don't do a big brake upgrade. Just get a good set of pads, and you'll have all the braking you need
Couldn't agree more. 3-series brakes are more than enough with a good pad. Also stay away from silly drilled rotors. M3 brakes are significantly better but not entirely needed.

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