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Originally Posted by JJJames View Post
Cams/headers/throttle bodies? How do you like the LSD? Worth the money?
The LSD is nice, very quick off the line, but i would still get the 3.73 instead of the 3.91 that i have. I just couldn't find one at the time i blew my stock one. The 3.91 tops out at around 230km/h, and the consumption went up with it. They call the 3.73 "a perfect diff" for the E34.

"Cams/headers/throttle bodies?" unless you know what you're doing and can install cams yourself, it's gonna run you alotttaaaa money in labour. As for headers the part itself is expensive and it is HARD to work around the bottom end of a V8. It all comes down to your mechanical skill and experience.

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