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Just a final followup...

For the hell of it, I ended up sending them an email asking about the car and if they would drive it to the local MINI dealer so I could have a PPI done. They wrote back saying the car was in good condition. It was a single owner lease return purchased from BMW Financial, but it had been in an accident. He provided a link to the CarProof report. It showed 2 accidents 1.5 years apart costing $6700 and $7400 to fix. They did say they would drive it MINI so I could get the PPI.

If I was local I might have still gone to look at it. But I'm not flying up to look at a car that has been in 2 accidents. They did seem to be honest and were not trying to hide anything.

Oh well... back to scanning Kijiji and the Autotrader.
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