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if you enjoy driving, then you will enjoy the 328. be prepared to change any rubber bushings that have not been changed yet, and if your into any performance driving look into getting the M3 rear subframe reinforcement plates welded in, the rear subframe mounts are the onnly real weak point on the car.

Parts for the E36 are not expensive, when compaired to other cars, and easy to find.

With good snows they are more then capable of year round driving, and on highway you should be able to hit 600 to 700km on 50L.

With the fold down rear seats, you can fit about anything in the car, the opening is massive even compaired to many new cars with fold down seat.

All in All both myself and the wife have been DD 2 E36's, for 2 years now, and they are always a joy to drive.
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