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The Diff issues

So -- the Diff.

The BLACK oil from my original diff

The LSD, drained. Its oil was in MUCH better shape.

Now for the problem, the speed sensor.

It's my own fault I didn't understand thoroughly enough the diff before I went into it. The old open diff from my e30 has this style speed sensor connector (this is a picture of the body connector obviously)

But the LSD (which was being used in an e36ti, not sure the original car) has this sensor

I don't know if my sensor is specific to early model e30s, or if the small case e30s all used this type or what.
I had assumed since they were both small case diffs, I would be able to simply swap the sensors over and use the e30 sensor on the new diff.

The sensors, e36 on the left e30 on the right. Notice the o-ring on the e36 sensor

The e30 sensor wouldnt go into the LSD port, with or without the o-ring. I think the sensor was hitting the fin in the hole (not good).

We put the e36 sensor back on and filled the diff back up. I may have make a connector between the e30 body and e36 plug. I hate electrical. Anyone else have this problem or know what I'm talking about? I couldn't find much information on speed sensor plugs.

I also didnt make sure the halfshafts from the e30 would bolt up to the new outputs. They dont. lol the bolts and holes are bigger on the e30. I swapped the old ones in from the e30, except that on one side there was a bolt that had to be cut when I was taking it out. I was unable to remove the bolt threads, even when I used a propane torch. Will try again this week and then put it on the new diff.


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