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Subframe, TAs, Rear Discs continued

How we were looking by Saturday night
Not much space to work, but its enough.
A good cleann up and reposition in order to move the car further back is in store for when the car is roll-able

I then had a bit too much fun with the SLR and tripod, and zoom lens at night. Also took some pix of the e46, my girlfriend and buddies, the neighbors place... you get the idea

In the morning I took a few hours and completed the ebrake mechanism on the drivers side. Again, new shoes and springs were used, but I didnt bother with a picture because I was too dirty and annoyed at it lol.

Installed the calipers and brackets, pads, and brake lines

How it was left. The sway bar isn't hooked up because I forgot about the trailing arm bracket pieces, and the fronts didnt look like they would fit on the back.

We also did some work on the diff, and ran into a few kinks. More on the diff in the next post.

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