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Subframe, TAs, Rear Discs continued

For a laugh, the previous exhaust linkage. The back section just sat in the middle of this downpipe:

My first look at the "early model sheet metal style" shifter linkage.

I havent quite wrapped my head around how the shifter is going to work -- I believe all e36 carrier, linkage, etc.

A few friends stopped by, one of which is a plumber -- he fab'd this up in like 20 minutes

We slightly changed where the PO had run the input line, to a more direct route. Also removed old, unattached line that was taking up the OEM brackets and routed the input through a clip to hold it

Final fit of the sway bar with new bolts, this seemed to tighten down the bushings moreso. They ended up flush against the car. Easy to move the bar with the lube, no weird play in it.

After a good amount of cussin, bleeding, hurting, etc the three of us finally got the subframe and trailing arms back up. I have to go back to put the bottom plates on and torque everything down, but its a good step

Test-fit of the new rotor. The springs, ebrake shoes etc. had already been done on this side.


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