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Subframe, TAs, Rear Discs complete

Details from this weekend!

Kinda shatty timing as I've got some drama going on with my e46 as well, but I tried not to let it affect the innocent e30 this weekend

Saturday started off well by myself. I had anticipated the parking brake cables would be harder. I was an idiot and didnt realize that the metal piece at the start of the tunnel comes out with the cable

I first tried to "rotate" the actual cable. That ended like this:

Realized my mistake, got the cables out with ease, and installed the new ones with some anti-seize

Rear end, minus halfshafts (didnt plan on the shot, just happened like that lol)

Test fit of the sway bar, I wanted to see that bushing. Here is the extra room I was talking about. It actually seemed a bit better on the final install with new bolts, in a picture a bit further down.

Dropped the old driveshaft as well, heres the comparison...
New one is from a '99 328is 5 speed. Thats still the e36 CSB on it, I have a new e30 one on the way.

I suspect the guibo and trans. mounts were done recently, they look in relatively good shape


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