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Wink Charlie at Bimmersport is a stand-up guy - "Adaptive Light Failure"

Had my front driver side Xenon light replaced a couple of months ago at Bimmersport. All was well until I recently took a trip down to Niagara Falls, and it rained heavily. I am used to leaving my head lights on "auto", and when I was heading back to Toronto on the highway I got a "adaptive light failure" warning on the dashboard. When I arrived home and check out the situation, indeed the headlights did not swing left or right.

My 2006 330i is out of warranty, but I took it to BMW to have then run their analysis anyway. $150 (with tax) later they told me that the read out was the "right and left stepper motor controller failing to communicate". I also had heavy condensation in my left head lamp housing. They told me that perhaps when I had my Xenon light replaced, the compartment was not sealed adequately and therefore the condensation occurred, leading to the adaptive light failure.

So I called Charlie at the shop and told him of the situation, he had me bring the car in right away. He ran his own codes, disassembled the front fender to get to the headlamps, did a comparison between right and left headlamps, and so on and so forth. He spent about 4 hours of labour charges working on the car, but in the end only charged me for the SMC part ($250) from BMW.

I've been to Bimmersport about 3 or 4 times for out of warranty repairs (thankfully under $600), and also for all of my oil changes. They are consistently fair in their pricing, and do great work!
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