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Good advice all around. Something else to consider is if you pay over 100 a month, then you're considered a VIP. They will bend over backwards to keep you, especially if you have a long history with them. We always get what we want. We pay 60 bucks a month per phone all in for the following with Fido:

600 daytime
unl evening/weekend
unl text
call display/vm
1000 canada LD
6 gig data

I also wouldn't worry about who you're calling, they've wised up to all this now and the "retentions" numbers posted everywhere now just lead to regular customer service. I know this for a fact with Fido, and I've been told it's also the case with Rogers.

Like Notorious, I don't get what it is with the contract phobia. It's not like there are a hundred options of types of services. You pick CDMA or GSM, and other than toy providers, that limits you to two companies (each with two names to make you feel special). I have no idea why anyone would want CDMA but once you've made your choice either way... the only thing a contract means is that you get phones for dirt cheap and you can negotiate killer plans. There is NO way a provider would give a month by monther a great deal, as opposed to someone who's committed to them for many years and has a history of forking over the dough.

And I'm not even ruthless about it. Just when the contract is close to renewal, we pick what we want to lower/gain $/feature wise, and call retentions. We always get what we want and a cherry on top. Oh, and the latest phone for cheap. My friend at work has been doing this since the iphone first came out. And as you know, they've been coming out as frequently as once a year. He has always gotten them to let him renew his contract only a year in, get the new iphone, and sell his previous one at enough of a profit to cover the contract price of the new phone and then some.

We haven't done this more than a few times but another trick is that if you're not getting what you want, call back. And call in the evenings, after 6ish. They're not required to give you anything so if the guy on the other end is a douche, you might not get what you want. The odds of this are greater during the day when they've been eating shit from morons all day about the phone not working after they ran it over with their car. I've never heard of this but if someone does call your bluff, as they give you the final confirmation, just say you need to check on something and you'll call back in a min.
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