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Originally Posted by propr'one View Post
dont ever call retentions. call the normal rogers wireless number and say you want a cancel (the retentions people see how you reached them)

Ivan, that's not really that bad of a plan. Having said that, if i removed data from my plan, i'd be paying 26.50 including SAF and 1000 min LD taxes in (which i can do in 3 months with no penalty)

If you want a better deal, read the links sasha posted (or the howardforums thread on rogers retention plans, where i learned what i know)
Cool. Appreciated it. So to wrap it up, is it worth dicking around to call them to save 10 bucks and add free texing. The bills always comes around $36, $37 because I tend to text people. So far I been happy with a plan because I dont talk too much.
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